Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digital Learning in Middle School

Seven years ago, the middle school that I teach at in Tennessee was awarded a technology grant. The grant provided my school with several laptops, projectors, digital cameras, Active Boards etc. Along with the equipment we participated in a three-year training program to learn how to integrate technology into our classrooms. Since then, I have been actively seeking new ways to accomplish this task in my math and science classes. During the last few years, I have been actively training other teachers in my school in new ways to approach learning through digital means and manage classrooms using technology. Currently my goal is to earn my master's degree in educational technology so that I can continue to support digital learning in my classroom and help other educators venture into a new an exciting way to approach teaching. I hope to use this blog to reach other educators like myself who want to share ideas in hopes of building a classroom of fun and learning.

In Warlick's blog, "2cents", he took a survey and asked, "Is a teacher, who is not using technology (computer, internet, etc.), doing his or her job?" Out of 107 replies, 13 voted yes and 94 voted no. (Warlick, 2009). Our students are being born into a digital society. They download pictures from their cell phones to Facebook, download music to their IPODS, create PowerPoint, and so much more. Our students are living in a different environment than 20 years ago. As educators, do you feel that we need to change our teaching styles to incorporate the digital society that our children are living in?

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